No, if you are enrolled in insurance with e Securitel through Alltel, your insurance coverage will automatically terminate when your service transitions to AT&T.

To protect your new device, optional AT&T Mobile Insurance will be available up to 30-days from your service transition date.

Your local Alltel store should be transitioned to AT&T at this time.

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Any net credits or balances owed on your final Alltel bill will not be carried over (or transferred) to your new AT&T bill.

To avoid any possibility of late notices or disruption of service, please pay both of these bills by the due date on your bill. Please note if you were enrolled in Alltel Auto Pay, your final bill will NOT be paid automatically through Auto Pay.

If you enrolled in AT&T Mobile Insurance during preselect, billing will not start until your service transition date.

Back to top Once I start using my AT&T phone, what do I do with my Alltel phone?

You will receive a text message several days before your service transition date so you know when to begin using your new phone.

You may also visit for the latest updates on your service transition. Visit to learn how to transfer your contacts from your existing phone to your new AT&T phone.You’ll receive your first wireless AT&T bill after your service has been transitioned to AT&T.Any final amount owed to Alltel will not transition to your AT&T bill so please pay your final bill from Alltel as well as your new AT&T bill.In this ADD-stricken society of ours, we think they've already lost half their target demographic by the time the cells actually start to load.Fix this one niggle though, Alltel, and you've got a winner on your hands.We've seen a handful of recent efforts to aggregate frequently-requested information on phones' home screens -- notably H. After all, with the exception of the very top and bottom lines, the home screen is typically a barren wasteland; why not fill it up with things you want to know anyway, right?