Though, he did get to the Grail in the end and it was him that Rin referred to being weak, not Kiritsugu as the Grail chose him first not Kirei.

Show ▼ It was laughable on how Kirei just brushed aside his hijinks in the previous war of lying through his teeth about his servant being dead, killing his own father aka Grail supervisor, murdering another master and taking in their servant and countless torture.

His original plan was to never see Shiro involved in this ritual at all but tough luck from fate is all I can say.

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There is of course cause and effect and by the conclusion you will know it all.

Rin is undoubtedly acting out all other masters’ frustration in seeing some greenhorn possess the best servant.

The only thing I can say here without spoiling anything is to take everything he said with a grain of salt.

Do notice that Saber didn’t enter the vicinity and she does remember the previous account of war.

Now that person might be telling Blatant Lies to get out of doing that thing, but it might be the truth.

Other characters are likely not going to press that character about it.

If the character is trying to make a point in The War on Straw, or simply Hiding Behind Religion to avoid some unpleasant obligation, they may invoke (or create) a Parody Religion that just so happens to be against the thing they don't want to do.

Freedom of religion does entail that you are legally allowed to hold any creed you choose to believe, so Loophole Abuse may ensue.

Thus, Shiro’s situation is unique as a total novice and not even being able to provide mana to Saber, which she would need not only to function in physical form but in combating other servants as well.