If you are concerned that the products/service you wish us to broker may be mistaken for Prohibited Items, but are not, please make this clear when you apply to PAYEFX and/or PAYEFX Shop for a site review.

RISKEFX services and solutions are outside our standard line of PAYEFX services. PAYEFX and/or PAYEFX Shop prohibits the registration or sale of the following goods and services: (IN SOME INSTANCES PAYEFX AND/OR PAYEFX SHOP MAY ALTER ITS PROHIBITED ITEMS POLICY, USER MUST HAVE PERMISSION IN WRITING OF SUCH ALTERATION OF POLICY) PAYEFX and/or PAYEFX Shop permits the registration or sale of the following goods and services, but Supplier must contact the PAYEFX and/or PAYEFX Shop Risk Department via International Vendor Support for a risk assessment as PAYEFX and/or PAYEFX Shop may assess a higher Transaction Fee and Reserve for these Products and require additional business and personal information from Supplier.

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Double-clicking on a user loads the user's profile.

Each user may possess certain attributes, illustrated by icons on the right.

Pops up a small browser window, allowing you to select a picture to upload to the chat room.

- Only non-progressive JPG/JPEG files are accepted.

The message will read: “The page that you are trying to access may contain material of adult nature.

You have access controls in place to block content of this type.” It should be noted, however, that while all mobile network and known adult Internet sites are blocked, not all WASP subscription services may be blocked.

Vodacom has a technical tool that allows you to block attempts to access adult content via a cellphone.

MTN offers a parental control feature that blocks access to any mobile content.

Nevertheless, Vodacom allows parents to block adult content (including age classified content) from being received on their child’s cellphone.