Seeing boys as prizes to be won – rather than friends to be made – makes you feel the need to impress them.And the harder you try to impress someone, the less you are yourself.In addition, chasing boys often makes boys run the other way.

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They don’t like it and usually aren’t sure what to do with the excessive attention.

If you’re like me and my husband, and you want your daughter to buck the rising trend of girls chasing boys, here are five talking points to start the conversation. You are smart, energetic, and equipped to change the world with your God-given gifts.

If you want a boy to court you, let him work a little. If he wants a date, have him pick you up and meet your parents.

If he waits until Friday afternoon to ask you out for Friday night, keep your plans with friends and suggest he plan ahead next time. But don’t be desperate or make the common mistake of building your life around a boy.

When you find fulfillment before a boy ever enters the picture, you become the kind of girl who lives with such joy and peace that the right guys inevitably take notice and think, “Wow. Rather than being smitten, he’ll probably be passive and lukewarm in his feelings toward you.

Girls often complain about boys being lazy daters, but in this day and age, they be lazy. Why make dinner reservations when your girlfriend agrees to meet up with friends and count it as a “date”?

As for us parents, let’s recognize the trends of today’s dating scene and understand how hard it may be for girls to wait for boys when it seems like all the girls getting dates do not.

Our daughters are better than the lifestyle this world ubiquitously pushes on them.

They shouldn’t have to compromise their values to win a boy over.

And what every girl must believe is that has a lot to offer to anyone smart enough to notice. My prayer for my daughters and yours is that they learn to love their lives regardless of what their love lives bring.

So rather than make a boy the center of your universe, keep God at the center. You don’t need a boyfriend to make your life great.