Jones nervously presented a radical suggestion: the magazine, a leader of the revolution that helped take sex in America from furtive to ubiquitous, should stop publishing images of naked women. Hefner, now 89, but still listed as editor in chief, agreed.As part of a redesign that will be unveiled next March, the print edition of Playboy will still feature women in provocative poses. Its executives admit that Playboy has been overtaken by the changes it pioneered.“We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph, and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex ...” He did not put a date on the cover of the first issue, in case Playboy did not make it to a second. Hefner “just revolutionized the whole direction of how we live, of our lifestyles and the kind of sex you might have in America,” said Dian Hanson, author of a six-volume history of men’s magazines and an editor for Taschen.

And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”For a generation of American men, reading Playboy was a cultural rite, an illicit thrill consumed by flashlight.

Now every teenage boy has an Internet-connected phone instead.

A judge once ruled that denying blind people a Braille version of it violated their First Amendment rights.

It published stories by Margaret Atwood and Haruki Murakami among others, and its interviews have included Malcolm X, Vladimir Nabokov, Martin Luther King Jr.

”The latest redesign, 62 years later, is more pragmatic.

The magazine had already made some content safe for work, Mr.Penthouse, perhaps the most famous Playboy competitor, responded to the threat from digital pornography by turning even more explicit. Previous efforts to revamp Playboy, as recently as three years ago, have never quite stuck.And those who have accused it of exploiting women are unlikely to be assuaged by a modest cover-up.and Jimmy Carter, who admitted that he had lusted in his heart for women other than his wife.Madonna, Sharon Stone and Naomi Campbell posed for the magazine at the peak of their fame.As a result, Playboy executives said, the average age of its reader dropped from 47 to just over 30, and its web traffic jumped to about 16 million from about four million unique users per month.