I can see why people fall for these guys as they certainly know how to charm you!!

Just wonder how long before they declare their love...... He is suppose to be in the gulf of mexico for 2 more weeks then he is retiring. Be careful lady's he uses several different men as him so be careful and don't get caught up in their scams or you may have serious problems If you have the app Called YOU TUBE on your computer, or i Pad you can hit the search button on top and type in scammers, and they have pictures, and many different videos, for dating sites and one on the words that are used by scammers, such as my Queen, my Baby, my dear, If they want money, they usually call you HONEY.

A lot of good advice on them, and we would all probably faint if we knew who we were talking to.

I did not send him any more money because my son had found this website by then. He was an oil rig engineer originally from Ireland. I know the one time I did it through Western Union they charged me $100.00 just to send it. I've been really concerned regarding my mother in law talking to a man by the name of Richard Anderson who says he works for Eni National. My marriage has been rocky for a long time so I felt like I was worth something. They work 12 to 14 hour shifts..12 to 14 days straight.. Hi girlfriends, I'm so glad we can share our experience this way.

Once I saw the February post by Anonymous, it was all over for Jeff. He is on an oil rig in Mexico, 2 daughters in college who live in Maryland, wife died of breast cancer 4 years ago, says he is from France. Everything was going great for about 2 months then supposedly a pump broke because of his workers and he needed money because he couldn’t get it out on the rig. His wife died in a car accident and daughter was in boarding school (Texas). He then started asking personal information about my job, phone number/carrier. He also insisted that I download the hangout app which I, of course, refused. Once he started to call me I ended it and blocked him. Ask if he is working and spends a lot of time on and off during the day, while he is on his shift. Always by the 1 or 3 week money is asked for - for sometimes something goes wrong song every time.. Maybe it will help the next victim from falling into the trap.

Allegedly from Mississippi, he speaks with a German accent because he spent many years in Germany with his grandmother when he was a child.

One day he told me he wanted a courier to deliver to me a metal box containing his "inheritance" from his father who'd had a jewelry business in London.

Jeff asked for more money to get insurance papers for the box. A couple of weeks passed and Jeff said he was taking a week's vacation time to come to the States, pick up the box, and bring it to me.

He said he needed money for expenses to get off the rig.

Signs: 1) Too many personal questions, very quickly2) No reciprocal information - they do not answer your questions3) Attempts at superficial, glib romantic attempts before they know anything about you as a person (personally, I thought this was a turn-off)4) Not forthcoming with details, no job knowledge5) Broken english Probably looking for cash; or a Green card. A cat or dog will love you unconditionally, and will NOT steal from you. Please I was doing My search to see what kind men they are and I saw them together on their friendslist on Facebook. His name is Morgan Smith, but when talking to my friend, he says to call him Marco.

I called the police in Sweden and the FBI in United states and blocked him in western union and moneygram. I am free Now and have My own money and offcourse My heart is broken but I am free The lady who posted about Jordan Smith I have tried to find him on Facebook and can't see him but he sounds like the guy who has messaged me on Instagram and whatsapp. I am on Whats App under Fran Bee and my number is 07707664094 if you want to add me and we can compare photo's. Can anyone please tell me if this guy is an oil rig engineer romance scammer.

Talked weeks, invited me to a gala affair on Long island requiring a gown & cocktail dress (0) later & 3 hour drive to have him not there, because of urgent flight to the oil rig in China. He told me to F off and I should have never spoke with him again. Is there anyway to get a list of Facebook scammers? He sounded lonely and was worried about his daughter back in the states with a nanny.