Remaining recording/touring members are cousins Sherri Du Pree-Bemis and Garron Du Pree, their name was inspired by the Star Wars saga (i.e. Since forming, the band has released five studio albums: Room Noises (2005), Combinations (2007), The Valley (2011), Currents (2013), and I'm Only Dreaming (2017), along with numerous EPs.

Eisley has recorded videos for "Marvelous Things", "I Wasn't Prepared", "Telescope Eyes" (the version from Room Noises), "Invasion", "Memories", "Smarter", "The Valley" and "Currents", which can be viewed on their official website, but largely, the band's strong, steady, organic growth comes from touring and an aggressive online marketing approach.

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After emerging on the Dallas scene in 2001, playing hundreds of shows throughout Texas and garnering a fan base as an indie band, Eisley was signed to Warner Bros. The same year, the band won "Best New Artist" at the Dallas Observer Music Awards, During the majority of 2004, the band spent most of their time recording their debut album, during the first part of 2005, the band toured extensively with New Found Glory.

In June 2005, Eisley embarked on their first headlining tour, The Summer Scenic Tour, to support their debut album Room Noises with Lovedrug and Pilotdrift as opening acts.

the streaming of this song marked the first full length song to be heard from Currents.

In 2015 Eisley began writing and preparation for their fifth studio album, with production to begin in 2016.

Eisley, then known as the Towheads, began years of service as the house band, giving them their first exposure, at Brewtones, the band played with many other acts including Ester Drang, Midlake, and Waterdeep.

The band played numerous weekend shows at the venue until they became too busy with other opportunities.

They spent a couple of months in late 2007 opening shows for Mutemath around the country.

Then, in the spring and early summer of 2008, Eisley headlined their own cross-continent finance tour in support of their latest release, Combinations, with openers including The Envy Corps (who had to leave mid-tour due to an envious European tour), Vedera and The Myriad. This EP contained the two B-sides for Combinations as well as an unreleased track from Room Noises, titled "Sun Feet".

On June 10, they performed a sold out show at The Troubadour in California, the recording of The Troubadour show was to be released as a live DVD; however, the band was not pleased with the footage or audio so nothing ever came of it.