has been one of the biggest pain in the butt"est" topic that I have ever seen.Even though in concept, licensing is a very simple thing to accomplish, people continue to run into issues. To start with, you get into licensing if you like a product.

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Also, if file is selected in Solution Explorer, Build menu will have an option for "Build Runtime Licenses"Lesson learnt from above is that report has to open in design view in IDE for to get auto-generated.

In winform/web application projects, it happens by default when you add the report from "Add New Item".

If you double click on it in the reflector, you can also see some textual information on what is in there.

If you don't see the .licenses under "Resources", something got messed up and you need to re-build the solution.Again, make sure the "Build Action" is set to "Embedded Resource" That is it.up the file by default goes inside the App_Code folder, when added through "Add New Item" since it is an external class/type.You can choose to put it anywhere you want to, but the "View Designer" option will not be available.All they want to see is the reports WITHOUT the red evaluation at the bottom of each page.To make sure license is embedded in the executable, "Rebuild" (Alt Shift B R") the solution. Open the executable in reflector, expand the node for your application and you will see a file named .licenses ("My App" being the project name) embedded under "Resources".If license., add the component information as I mentioned above(one per line) and include it in the project.