The results revealed: (a) a positive relationship between the LSI and the CCPQ Thinker score; (b) Holland’s Investigative (I) personality type was positively correlated with Kolb’s AC and AC - CE score; (c) Holland’s I personality type was negatively correlated with Kolb’s AE score; (d) Holland’s A personality type was found to be negatively correlated with Kolb’s RO score; and (e) Holland’s C personality type was negatively correlated with Kolb’s AE and AE - RO score.Penney and Cahill were forthcoming in identifying that “none of the significant correlations found by Highhouse and Doverspike between the LSI styles and Holland type were replicated in this study” (p. Another noteworthy study, somewhat related to CTE, conducted by Ritchie (1975) sought to determine if there was a relationship between personality type and the learning style of nursing students and registered nurses via the MBTI and the Media Effectiveness Chart (MEC).Finally, Kolb’s Abstract Conceptualization (AC) did not correlate with any of Holland’s personality types.

accommodating multiple learning styles-3

The MEC instrument was utilized within this study to correlate preferred instructional media (learning style) with the Jungian personality types.

The study findings suggested that there was a relationship between personality and learning and that nursing education programs should be structured to accommodate student development and educational needs.

Findings may be useful to CTE teachers and teacher educators interested in diversifying curriculum and instruction via strategies to enhance the educational experience for the student learner.

Throughout our educational pursuits, many have had a teacher from whom it was difficult to learn.

Moreover, Jonassen (1981) identified that a strong relationship exists between a teacher’s learning style and preferred teaching style.

Unfortunately, there is not a “one-size fits all” approach to teaching and or learning (Jorgensen, 2006).

It may have been trouble understanding an educational subject that didn’t particularly correspond with one’s personality, or it may have been a pedagogy related issue.

According to Gardner, (1999) educators tend to teach the way they were taught.

However, there were correlations found between Kolb’s LSI and Holland’s VPI which parallels the Self-Directed-Search (SDS) instrument.