Eventually someone is going to have to come to terms with it..https://

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I wont have these things whem im out of college, I prefer a minimalistic setup more but paintings and hard prints are too much to bring here.

Personally, I'm not a fan of anime or any of that and the idea of having those posters in my own room disturbs me a bit. You don't give a shit what people think and that's respectable and admirable trait.

Even if you can't pirate the books, most schools will have a copy of the course textbooks in the library on limited / 4 hour loan. I remember when I built my first PC after working an entire summer.

You can just go in and use a scanner app to make PDFs of all the chapters you need. T'old AMD 3200 and it felt amazing to have it all set up just how I wanted it.

My wife (26) was sitting beside me looking at these photos and when I came across the figurines and posters she gave out an immediate "E This was immediately followed by what I presume was the sound of her vagina clamping shut. However, if OP likes them, who the fuck are you to talk to him like that?

And did you feel the need to point out you have a "wife (26)" so that he'd view you as a life/woman expert and heed your sage wisdom?

He's not the only person on the planet who likes those things.

To imply OP is "childish" simply because he's into things that are not quite your cup of tea is a huge dick move. Some people like those weird little anime figurine things. It's one thing to talk shit about the little figurine things in general.

Must admit though - While my comment might have come across as a bit envious and harsh it's really nice to see people going into University and WORKING for this shit as opposed to what most people I knew at uni and just blow their loan on it instantly.