Weight loss in young rabbits

Start an HRS Chapter. Youg from this list. Bacterial conjunctivitis can be treated with topical chloramphenicolciprofloxacinor gentamicin combined with systemic broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy if topical treatment alone is ineffective. It is not common for weight loss young rabbit to be eating but to remain thin, especially a young rabbit. Often, legions can spread. Myxomatosis is weight loss young by a pox virus that's often transmitted. The most rapid way to accomplish healthy weight loss is to feed a diet of quality grass hay only.

This is veterinarian and author Dr. Increased weight interferes with normal activities and puts a rabbit at higher risk for many health problems. Brown, who has been an exotic animal veterinarian for over thirty years, with a special interest in rabbits, notes some of them: cardiovascular, joint, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and liver diseases. Should there be rabbits reason for surgery, an obese rabbit is at greater risk as well. In addition, rabnits obese rabbit who is unable to hop around loses out on so many things, including the fun of exploring and following that inquisitive nose.

Note that the signs listed above are not exclusive to obesity and may be indicative weight loss in young rabbits some other health problem. A qualified veterinarian can koss whether additional health issues e. Inappropriate diet is the primary cause of weight gain; thus, youbg becomes the focus rabbitss treatment. Safe weight loss occurs when a rabbit is put on the appropriate diet and is eating large quantities of hay.

If an obese rabbit is put on an inappropriate diet and loses weight too rapidly, the rabbit can become ill very quickly and be at risk for hepatic lipidosis. In this condition, fat cells replace liver cells, resulting in weight loss in young rabbits severely damaged liver. If a rabbit becomes anorexic loses his appetite for any reason, the condition should be considered an emergency and treated before hepatic lipidosis becomes a threat. Most important is free access to grass hay.

When a variety of grass hays are available, I recommend offering a mix, though jn should be aware that alfalfa is often in with orchard grass. I seldom recommend alfalfa for companion rabbits and never for overweight weigt. Straw is never a substitute for grass hay, regardless of how obese a rabbit may be. Feeding is cycling a good workout to lose weight obese rabbit a diet of straw is potentially dangerous and can lead to fatal hepatic lipidosis.

Even if the diet were rabbist with some pellets and leafy greens, the rabbit would rabbirs suffer muscle problems and weakness. The weiight would suffer in other ways too — he would not be a happy, content bunny. When a rabbit is obese, food pellets are usually part of the reason and their reduction must be accomplished slowly, especially if the rabbit is not eating the proper amount of grass hay on a daily basis.

If the pellets are alfalfa-based, I recommend a gradual change to a timothy-grass-based food. Mixing the two foods allows for gradual weignt of the new pellet. Wright of pellets must be discontinued for the health of the rabbit. I suggest that caregivers rrabbits a measured amount of pellets into two feedings e. If a pellet mix contains morsels such as dried legumes weight loss young corn, grains of any kind, or high-carbohydrate foods, those items should be discarded.

This is because fresh foods are less calorie-dense than hay due to the high water content. In addition, feeding too many greens will fill up a rabbit, making him less likely to eat hay, the most important part of the diet. It is preferred to discontinue leafy greens during a serious weight-loss program. In contrast, pelleted food is calorie-dense, and it serves to add unnecessary calories as well as potentially reducing the amount of hay the rabbit needs to eat to lose weight safely.

The most weight loss young way to accomplish healthy weight loss is to feed a diet of quality grass hay only. There are, however, two very important considerations with this: the rabbit must be freely grazing hay throughout the day, and the hay must be of good quality. If either of those conditions is not met, then a rabbit must be fed pellets to ensure proper rabbitss and prevention of hepatic lipidosis; this has already been addressed.

Quality hay is not always available locally or throughout the year, and quality can vary for various reasons, such as climate, soil, and the way the hay is handled and stored. One very general guideline is to feed the same hay as is fed to horses, not the pasture grass that is fed to ruminants e. When there is difficulty locating a good source for quality hay, the local or regional rabbit rescue group can often provide assistance.

Elderly & Disabled Rabbits - Weight Loss/Gain

Young Rabbit Is Skinny And Changing Color especially a young rabbit. which leads to a loss of nutrients that causes weight loss and other manifestations of. Overweight and Underweight Rabbits. Jan 30, In addition, after weight loss the rabbit’s maintenance diet can also include more leafy green vegetables. Chronic Weight Loss and Tissue Weight loss in rabbits generally becomes a cause for concern when the rabbit If the weight loss accompanies a.

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