The way it weaves together a genuinely clever story and a cast of peculiar yet instantly memorable characters is something most games with far larger budgets miss entirely.You might be turned off by the intimidating amount of challenge it poses, but we assure you, Cuphead is worth a shot.If you love farming sims (and, judging by how well the likes of Farming Simulator and Harvest Moon sell, there’s quite a few of you out there), then few games are going to get you jumping for agricultural joy more than the bewitching busywork of Stardew Valley.

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Together, these two have created not just a game, but a gorgeous world full of relatable characters that you will hopefully resonate with.

You’ll play as Mae, a cat who dropped out of college and recently returned to her hometown of Possum Springs.

The best laptop games might not be graphically-demanding cash cows like Destiny 2, but their convenience assuredly makes up for it.

Take one look at Cuphead, for instance, and it should be immediately apparent that the best laptop games can still be gorgeous despite typically adhering to 2D art styles or more simplistic 3D ones.

You’d wonder whether Hotline Miami’s neon-drenched ultraviolence would exist if the film Drive had never been made, and while it’s hard to miss just how vigorously it doffs its bloody mask at the Gosling classic, the end result is an utterly brilliant little indie title.

With a pixel art style evoking the top-down look of Grand Theft Auto’s retro years, Hotline Miami revels in its almost psychedelic violence.

If you don’t already find its colorful, whimsical art style endearing, then maybe you’ll be convinced by some backstory of how it was made.

Cuphead comes from an indie developer called Studio MDHR (short for Studio Moldenhauer), named after the two brothers who started the project, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.

It’s a dull sounding core concept to be sure - tend your fields, grow produce, raising livestock, etc - but that’s the beauty of it.