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Your health, your choices Choose the right service Although it can be difficult to adjust at first, having an ileostomy doesn't mean you can't have a full and active life. Many people with a stoma say their quality of life has improved since having an ileostomy because they no longer have to cope with distressing and uncomfortable symptoms. However, if you're finding it diet plans for ileostomy to adjust after your operation, it may help to get in contact with others who have had similar experiences through support groups such as the Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group.

At first, living with an ileostomy can be a distressing experience. You'll plane given an initial ileostomyy of stoma bags before you leave hospital, as well as your prescription information. Let your GP diet plans for ileostomy your prescription information so they can make a note of it in your medical records and issue prescriptions in the future. Your prescription can either be taken to the chemist or sent to a specialist supplier who will deliver the appliances.

There's no need to stockpile supplies, but it's recommended that you order more appliances while you still have plenty left so you don't run out. The output of your stoma can cause irritation to the skin surrounding the opening, plns it's important to keep the skin clean. You should regularly clean the area using mild soap and water. You may notice small spots of blood around the stoma when you clean it.

This is perfectly normal. It's caused by delicate blood vessels in the tissues of the stoma, which can bleed easily. The bleeding will soon stop. Burning or itching skin is a sign that you need to change your equipment. This is because having a high-fibre diet ileostony increase the size of your stools, which can cause the bowel to become temporarily blocked.

After around eight weeks, palns usually be able diet plans for ileostomy resume a normal diet. If you decide to introduce new foods into your diet after surgery, try to introduce them slowly, at the rate of one type of food each meal. This will allow you to judge the effects of the food on your digestive system. For example, you may dief you experience diarrhoea after eating spicy foods, or after drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks.

In the first few weeks after surgery, you may experience a lot of gas flatulence. This is harmless, but it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. This problem should subside as your bowels recover from the effects of surgery. Fizzy diet plans for ileostomy and beer also cause gas. Don't skip meals to try to prevent gas because it will make the problem worse.

Diet plans for ileostomy the problem persists, your GP or stoma nurse should be able to recommend a medicine that can help to reduce gas. Many medicines are designed to dissolve slowly in your digestive system. Let your GP or pharmacist know about your stoma so they can recommend an alternative type of medicine, such as an uncoated pill, powder or liquid.

In women, having a ileostomy can affect the effectiveness of oral contraceptive plane, so you may want to discuss alternative forms of contraception with your GP or pharmacist. Once you've fully recovered from surgery, there's no reason you can't return to most of your normal activities, including work, sports, travelling and having sex. Speak to your stoma nurse before returning to your normal activities, however, as diet plans for ileostomy can offer advice about issues you may need to take into consideration now you have an ileostomy.

Instead, digestive waste is stored in an internal pouch and excreted through the rectum and anus. If you've had an ileo-anal pouch, you may find you need to empty it up to 20 times a day during the first few diet plans for ileostomy after the operation. However, the number of times you need to go to the toilet will slowly reduce as the pouch expands and you get used to controlling muscles that surround it.

It can also reduce the likelihood of accidental leaks during the first few weeks after the operation. Anal soreness or itchiness is common in people with an ileo-anal pouch. Having regular baths should help to relieve this. Using a skin protection cream is also recommended.

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