No doubt if you are hanging around this site and in our groups, you are in LOVE with their spouse. Let's support each other as fire families and find creative ways around it.

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This 40-Day journey equips you to melt hardened, separated hearts into an enduring love that can withstand the flames of fear, pride and temptation.

will help you reinforce and enrich your marriage, earn back a love you thought was lost, and hear more about the One who not only designed unconditional, sacrificial love—He illustrated it.

The Kendrick brothers share this bit of wisdom: “Those who are fine with mediocre marriages can leave their love to chance and hope for the best.

But if you are committed to giving your spouse the best love you possibly can, you need to shoot for love’s highest motivation.

Marriage is not easy and takes so much constant work. 😉 Drop a short comment in any of the communities and let us know. And don't forget to follow along in our private fire wife community with other fire wives who are experiencing similar circumstances.

Today I continue this series of articles that takes a look at books that have been awarded the Platinum or Diamond Sales Awards from the Evangelical Christian Booksellers Association.

As we read in the Bible, the most-intimate relationship is marriage between a husband and a wife.

Unfortunately, relationships today are under more cultural and interpersonal pressure and stress than ever before in our history. Together, we can make a long-term difference for healthy relationships and marriages Ö starting with yours!

Book reviews are solely intended as a resource regarding publications that might be of interest to For Your Marriage visitors.