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Our weight problem is not just eating too much. Gain weight lose fat crossfit of eating just to eat I began eating for a goal. It will make no sense that such "little" guys and girls are that much more powerful than you; it'll be rather disorienting, especially if you're a big guy like me who thought he was "strong" walking in. I also spoke to Greg Zuffelato, the founder of I Believe Weight Loss. Gaining weight has as much to do with diet as it does training. Do you have more confidence?

Talk to them, message the Modsand we'll arrange an AMA! Still gaining weight two months after starting female I know it could be just muscle, but shouldn't I be losing weight too? My body fat wieght gone down 3. My BMI is 27, which isn't great. I'm not huge, but I'm only 5'3" so I could definitely stand to lose a few gaim. That means you're losing fat.

You're worried about 5 lbs? I've seen girls go down ewight bf and gain 15 lbs, when they start eating right. Crazy thing is, you look at before and after pictures and you'd swear they lost weight. If your bf is going down, why do you give a crap about the scale? You seriously need to change your mindset from how much I weigh is a measure of how fit I am to, how I look and do in the gym is a measure to how fit I am.

I think I might need to throw my scale out the window. You would have thought I lost weight, I was more cut, weighed more, and was lifting more. Keep getting your body fat tested to make sure you're headed in a good direction, or maintaining. I've not lost a single pound but I look like a different person. Throw your scale out, it's not going to tell you anything you want to hear. I haven't lost a pound either and I look completely different. That makes me feel a lot better if you think it's insane progress!

I know you're vat, but I can't help but be a bit concerned about it. I don't feel like my clothes fit any differently, and I have gain weight lose fat taking pictures every week and don't see a week to gain weight lose fat difference, but maybe I'll check out my first week's pics to this weeks that I'll take tonight. I could just be blind to it! Crozsfit went down 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks and haven't dropped a pound since. Though I felt and saw no real difference in those first two weeks.

However, in the past week I've needed to tighten my belt that hasn't moved a notch in years. So the scale isn't the greatest tool to measure results. Body fat loss isn't linear. You're not gonna lose. There will be weeks where you don't lose anything and others where you do nothing differently and you lose 5 pounds. You're just becoming leaner.

If you really want to be light and small, you have to decrease your strength training and focus more on conditioning. That'll make you lean and small like gian long distance runner. Many females at my gym focus on long, conditioning-heavy metcons like Michael and cherry pick around gain weight lose fat metcons like D. At the same time, don't get caught up the the number. Ask yourself these three things: Do you wake up feeling good? Do you feel like you're getting stronger?

Do you have more confidence? If you answers yes to all those things, keep rolling with what you're ceossfit When I started I was aboutnow I'm pushing but I feel amazing! It isn't the scale that matters. Just how fit you are. Since I've joined crossfit months I'm dropped about 2 percent body fat and gained about 8 pounds. You need to watch what you eat too; body mass change gain weight lose fat crossfit a result of a difference between calories in eating and calories out exercising, being losf.

There's no magic that works for other people, but not you. Depending on your weight, this could be a loss of up to 5 lbs of fat and a gain of 10 lbs of muscle in 2 months. I'd kill for this kind of result! More importantly: If you're really concerned about it, how does your diet look? Enough carbs, protein, fat? The only thing I've noticed is that my ass looks better, haha. I mean that's great, but I'd gain weight lose fat the rest of my body to look better too.

I have been taking measurements and haven't gone down anywhere but like half an inch on my butt. I do FEEL stronger though. Guess I'll take a look at the diet, but as I said to someone else Gain weight lose fat crossfit been having some unrelated stomach issues and I'm trying to figure out of I'm lactose-intolerant or have a gluten sensitivity. People will argue about the exact percentages but the point is diet is very important. No matter if you want to try Paleo or not, cut gluten out of your diet.

Take a look at your overall intake of protein vs Fat vs Carbs. It is likely you are not getting enough protein to support your new style of workouts.


How to Calculate your Macros & Calories for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Crossfit Performance. lose weight ; gain weight (muscle). Why CrossFit May Not Work for Weight Loss. change he saw when he started with CrossFit was a change in his body fat and " CrossFit —Is the Gain Worth the. I have been gaining weight with Crossfit since I started, Wine to Weightlifting. just gain the muscle.. and lose the fat.. and you’ll look better but.

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