Provide the winner with a certificate for “The Most Romantic Man of the Year” with your party date and place.When this familiar game is played with couples, choose categories that relate to their relationships and experience.

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Each team picks individuals to draw, with each person taking a turn, alternating between teams.

The person whose team it is picks a paper and draws the labeled thing.

Find a place where the paper can be posted for everyone to see.

Give a set amount of time and use a timer to monitor progress and stop the drawer’s turn.

Thanks for setting the record when it needs it…………K”“On this anniversary of Dem’s passing I just want to thank all of you especially you Barbara, Darin and Fabiola for making these bittersweet days a little brighter…I am aching and missing her I can come here….

Perhaps my niece will write about Dem’s life it seems some folks are interested…I’ll need you guys for those times…were so close as you know…the misinformation and assumptions out there just doesn’t get it…thanks for truth…love you kathleen” Demri and Layne Kissing – I took this picture of a print out I received from Darin Lamb that he got from Demri’s Memorial.. Rosheen and Demri – RIP Rosheen Raugi June 19th 1997 — Rosheen was my best friend growing up we lost her 9 months after Demri.

It has been said the key to a man’s heart is through their stomach and this couple’s icebreaker game draws on this premise.

Place apples, donuts, cookies with holes, or large soft pretzels on 2 foot strings.

Oct 29th is a day a lot of us who knew and loved Demri will never forget.

I know I will personally miss Demri as long as I live…

When the women return, ask the women to answer the same questions and see which match. Use the following questions or choose some of your own: Choose 4 or 5 couples to participate without telling them what they will be doing.