The Eastbourne Seniors Forum (ESF) has been set up along with many others across the country to be a voice for the over 50s Membership is open to all who live or work in Eastbourne and its surroundings Following a very successful launch in 2008 we are now seeking to bring together all the members who have offered to get involved in some way or other and form and develop groups with particular interests.

Do click on the various links to other sites full of information on different subjects of interest to over 50s Importantly.

It allows customers to keep their existing phone number and transfer it to a new SIM card.

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Victims’ bank account and personal details including their phone number are collected by the fraudster, providing them with the information to execute the fraud.

Number porting is a genuine service provided by telecommunication companies.

Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam.

Phone numbers and email addresses can be spoofed, so always contact the company directly via a known email or phone number (such as the one on the back of your bank card).If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to us online or by calling 03.There has been an increase in reports made in May by TSB customers relating to “port-out” fraud.Opportunistic fraudsters are using TSB’s system issue to target people with this type of fraud.Since the start of May there have been 321 phishing reports of TSB phishing made to Action Fraud. In the same reporting period, there have been 51 reports of cybercrime to Action Fraud which mention TSB – an increase of 112% on the previous month.Fraudsters are commonly using text messages as a way to defraud unsuspecting victims out of money.