Over 45 and cant lose weight

For example, if you currently eat 2, calories a day, to lose 1 pound a week, you need over 45 and cant lose weight limit your intake to 1, calories a day. Hormones : One of the main culprits for weight gain is, of course, our hormones, which start to change right around the mids and into the 40s. In one study published in The International Journal of Obesityresearchers followed more than 12, runners and found over 45 and cant lose weight thrilling conclusion: "Age-related weight gain occurs even among the most active individuals when exercise is constant. Of course, just how much each of these contributes to weight gain isn't something we can measure or, often, control. When you're tiredyou're more likely to make poor diet choices, like choosing sweets over fruit.

Check your inbox for an e-mail with a link to download the recipes Since you hit age 45, you may be having a harder time keeping off weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women over age 45 weigh cang to 25 pounds more than they losf in their 20s. The struggle with your weight may be due to a few factors, including activity, food choices and hormones.

While you may not have much control over your hormones, you can gain control over your weight with more activity and a change in your eating habits. Consult your doctor before starting any weight-loss and loe plan. According to the American Council on Exercise, your metabolism decreases by 1 to 2 percent every decade, which means you have to eat fewer calories now than you did in your 20s to maintain the same weight.

To lose weight, you need to cut back even more, by calories to 1, calories a day, to lose 1 pound to 2 pounds a week. You can determine your weight-loss calories by first tracking what you normally eat and then subtracting calories to 1, calories from that number. For example, if you currently eat 2, calories a day, to lose 1 pound a week, you need to limit your intake to 1, calories a day.

In general, women 45 years and older can lose weight by limiting their intake to 1, calories to 1, calories, and they may even be able to over 45 and cant lose weight a little more, depending on activity level, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Eating too few calories may impair your ability to meet your vitamin and mineral needs, so don't limit your intake to fewer than calories unless directed to do so by your physician.

In addition to restricting your calorie intake, make sure you include the right foods. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics advises that starting in their 40s, women need to eat a diet that's rich in nutrients to help fight the battle of the bulge and also provide the nutrients necessary to delay the aging process. Over and lose weight health is important for women 45 and over, so don't skimp on foods rich in calcium, such as milk, yogurt, leafy greens and csnt, as well as vitamin D-rich foods, such as fortified milk, eggs and salmon.

Over and lose weight out your diet with more whole grains for fiber and healthy sources of protein such as poultry, lean red meat, eggs, soy foods and beans. For beverages throughout the day, choose water -- either plain or with a splash of lemon or lime juice -- or unsweetened tea or coffee. Skip the sugary drinks, such as soda, juices and sweet tea, to save your calories for healthy, filling foods. To prevent bouts of extreme hunger that can lead to overeating, enjoy regular meals and don't skip breakfast.

Start your day right with a bone-building, weight-reducing breakfast that includes a 6-ounce container of nonfat yogurt with 1 cup of oatmeal topped with caht cup of sliced strawberries and 6 chopped pecan halves. This sample daily meal plan has about 1, calories. Fight off some of the effects of your declining metabolism by adding exercise to your daily routine.

You can start with a minute brisk walk or bike ride five days a week and slowly build up your intensity as your fitness level improves. In addition to aerobic exercise, include strength-training exercises two or anr days a week to improve muscle mass, which might also give your metabolism a boost, because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat. Use resistance bands, free weights or body resistance exercises such as sit-ups, squats and lunges, to build muscle.

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