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MOST READ NEWS Previous Next. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Tell caroine in the comments. The schoolgirls massacred by ISIS coward: Five teenagers Take up fat shaming with her. Carol, 56, displays her VERY pert derriere in chic figure-hugging grey dress as she films at Chelsea Flower Show. Send to Email Address.

The matriarch of the Manzo family Caroline has been dealing with weight issues of her own after a foot injury left her partially immobile for the past six months. Caroline, who has documented her foot injury on Instagram is now weight loss real her weight loss plan with caroline weight loss real housewives well. Foot is almost healed, and now I have to take care of me. In fact, Caroline even created her own hashtags to keep her motivated! Letting the world know carolinekicksherownass 30lbgottago.

And Like Us On Facebook Here Lara began writing for AllAboutTRH in October Lara is a born and bred Jersey girl, who loves blogging and currently writes her own beauty and fashion blog: ChicandSequined. Beyond blogging, Lara enjoys traveling, fashion, makeup, baking, and gossip. Lara is excited to get in on the gossip and put her own spin on things. Lauren did have lap band surgery quite a few years ago and it helped her quite a bit. I am 24 and had lap band surgery in Mayjust caroline weight loss real housewives after my 21st birthday.

Sadly, I have since had several complications with my own band and therefore gained back 30 lbs late last year. On a more positive note, I have just recently been approved by insurance to have my lap band removed and revised to the gastric sleeve which is a newer and better acclaimed procedure which is now becoming extremely common for weight loss real lap band patients. It is NOT the same as gastric bypass.

From day 1 I have always been an open book regarding my surgeries and have zero shame. I chose to have my procedure done because I did caroline weight loss real housewives want to start my 20s being held back by the physical and mental challenge of obesity and felt it was in my best interest to find the approach that would work most successfuly in my favor. Diamonds and Rose, thank you for sharing. Good for you, Diamonds, for having the courage to get help for your weight issues.

You are not alone. Good health to you! The story is weight loss real the clown gaining 35 lbs. So it has everything to do with neck pain weight loss symptoms …Just saying But i beg to differ. I believe she along with most of her fambly have had a lap band.

Nobody did more fat shaming than the clown. Remember how she used to talk about her daughters weight before all the surgeries??? Take up fat shaming with her. I only spoke out because I personally found it offensive as someone who has firsthand experience with the procedure. I pretty much despise the Manzos as previously stated but it was a comment that would apply to myself and anyone else in a similar situation.

I used to cringe when the Clown and her sons abused Lauren cause of her weight on TV. WITH THEIR MADE UP STORIES, MADE UP AND PRACTICED LINES…. She forgot to add the goat cheese and 2 whole eggs are more than 70 calories. Like NyGirl said-eat a carrot! I just got a good look at that pic. She makes Rosie look like a delicate ballerina. Now that is BUTCH! Is a 3rd lapband surgery possibly? Caroline has only been honest about the weight when she has not had a choice.

This is what I go nuts about Caroline! What I take issue with is Caroline can only take a joke if it comes from family only. When Tre wrote Olive Garden Italian war was declared! It was a funny quip. Caro should have laughed it off. Instead her kids got in her business and made it a storyline. I have the same issues. No excuse, plenty of sitting exercises she could of done. Must of been her appetite that caused her weight gain.

You can see my post below on how lap band surgery works. She is so weird. Remember how she gave some weird monologue about how Lauren was heavy because she was a Manzo?? But she and the boys were Laurita so they were thin? Meanwhile she was overweight WHILE she was saying this and it came out that she had lapband surgery a decade previously. She got ANOTHER lapband surgery and Chris has gotten very heavy.

She think they are a family of supermodels or something. And she gained a lot more than 30 pounds. And you dont gain 30 pounds in 6 months just because you arent exercising. The All About The Real Housewives website that discusses the latest and greatest news, and gossip relating to The Real Housewives Show.

'RHONJ' Star Caroline Manzo and Daughter Lauren on Gastric Surgery

Video embedded  · She had weight - loss surgery in , And The Real Housewives of New Jersey star - who is the daughter of Caroline Manzo. Caroline Manzo may have found the key to successful weight loss: Caroline Manzo: I’ve Lost Almost 20 Pounds! Get Updates The Real Housewives of Atlanta;. Video embedded  · Real Housewives star Caroline Manzo 's daughter Lauren hails stomach surgery weight loss . 'Its definitely easier for me to lose weight now than.

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