Can I try Data Vault for i OS before purchasing the app?Not at the current time, however we do offer refunds via Paypal for customers who provide proof of purchase and a brief explanation.

Search for "Ascendo Data Vault" and tap on the button to download Data Vault. Educational institutions and businesses can receive discounts for volume purchases as described in the Volume Purchase Program for Education and the Volume Purchase Program for Business.

On some older devices, you may be prompted to buy the app again, but tapping on the Buy button will confirm; "You have already purchased this application. I got a new i OS device and restored it from an i Tunes backup.

Do I have to buy separate copies of Data Vault for my i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch?

A copy of Data Vault purchased through i Tunes can be run on up to five i OS devices authorized to an Apple ID.

When I try to login to Data Vault I see a Wrong Password alert. Enter the incorrect password 10 times to reset the password. Then restore from your most recent backup at Tools & Settings Backup and Restore.

I enabled Touch ID in Data Vault but I am still being asked to enter my master password. For security purposes, Data Vault will continue to prompt you for your master password periodically. doesn't appear to provide any information about exporting information out of their app but if you are interested in doing it, we would be glad to help.

Does the Data Vault license for i OS cover other platform?

Data Vault for Mac, Windows and Android are sold separately.

Click on the Apps tab along the top of the i Tunes screen, then check the box next to Data Vault and sync.

2) Start i Tunes on an additional i OS device and verify that you are logged in with the same Apple ID you used to purchase Data Vault.

Where did the Copy icon go in view item screen of Version 7?