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For this reason, if weight is a big concern, I would recommend trying this particular medication before others. Can You Be Healthy and Obese? Lexapro can cause changes in weight. It can also be a result of a problem within the brain or the circulatory system. We decided to take an in-depth look at the prescription diet pill, side effects, ease of acquiring and clinical research.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. You are currently viewing the message boards in:. Posts: Member Member. I am going into the doc tomorrow and asking for some Anti Anxiety meds. Not sure if there is such a kind but I want the ones that you take when you are having anxiety and not everyday. Question: Do they or a certain brand stall weight loss or cause weight gain?

February 20, AM. I used to take an anti anxiety medication called Lexapro actually considering going back on it because I am super anxiety girl lately. It is a bit hard to tell though as there are a million and one different types of medication and every one reacts differently to them. As far as I am aware of it should not affect your goals. Posts: 1, Member Member. Lexapro is an anti depressant, and can lead to weight gain if not careful. I anti anxiety medication weight loss side effect an antianxiety med called effexor.

I take it in the morning because it is a stimulent. It curbs my appetite so much that I have a hard time eating first thing in the morning. From what I've read and personally discussed with my doctor, there is a chance, depending on the prescribed medication, that it can cause either weight gain or loss. I've recently gone off Prozac and switched to more natural supplements such as 5-HTP and inositol to try and reduce my anxiety and OCD tendencies.

It really all comes down to how your body may deal with it. There are anti-anxiety meds you take only when you need to. For example, benzos like clonazapam and lorazepam. They are short-intermediate acting drugs. I would think that if you aren't taking them everyday that there would be no weight effects, or at least the effects would be negligible.

This is a great question for women on these meds trying to achieve weight loss. I began anti-anxiety meds when I was 16 young, I know. I was on 50 mg of Zoloft for about 6 months and gained nearly 10 lbs. My psychiatrist switched me over to Wellbutrin, which I am still on at age 23 and like a lot better than the Zoloft. I found that the Zoloft helped with my anxiety, but I often felt foggy and numb to things, plus the weight gain sucked.

I like it better than Zoloft because things are clearer and I have more energy. I should also mention that a couple of years ago my psychiatrist added 20 mg of Lexapro to my meds as depression was creeping on me again. Nothing really changed in my weight with the Lexapro. My mood improved and I wasn't so sad all the time. It's good that you are trying to nip your anxiety in the bud before it gets worse.

I let anti anxiety medication weight loss side effect get too bad and fell into a deep depression. With the combination of therapy and the correct medication, I am better than ever before. I work in mental health so I am an advocate for these things. It is important to remember, however, that everyone's body reacts differently to medication. My best friend recently began taking medication for anxiety and panic attacks. She started with Prozac for a week, but that did not work for her as she was nauseated all the time and even vomited several times.

She is on Zoloft now and it works great for her. I've heard that the top two to cause severe weight gain are Prozac and Paxil. Also, when you start medication, it will take some time for your body to adjust to it. If you are experiencing any negative side effects especially significant weight gainbe sure to inform your doctor so he can prescribe a new medication that may work better for you. Best of luck to you. I prefer to handle medical issues naturally. The more research is done on drugs the more side effects we uncover.

The biggest thing I personally worry about with drugs and weight loss is endocrine hormone balance disruption. An endocrine disruption can be very difficult to medication weight loss effects and cure.

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