Bloomberg’s source says that Microsoft is making the move in order to try and compete with Apple’s tablet-market-dominating i Pad.

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Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay has taken to the official Windows Blog to announce Surface Hub 2.

“Today’s most effective businesses have a team-based, collaborative culture and place an emphasis on enabling creativity and productivity” said Panoy.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is now available to buy from Microsoft and Best Buy, along with many other retailers worldwide.

You can pick one up for a starting price of $1,499 and a high-end price of $3,299.

This is also the first Surface model to feature a USB-C port, which is one feature that a lot of users have been wanting for a long time.

The fulcrum hinge has also been improved to make it more durable, and according to Microsoft, the Surface Book 2 has an amazing battery life of up to 17 hours.The reason for this is apparently because the Intel SSD6 drive is incompatible with the update.The all-in-one Surface Studio PC is also having issues in some instances, with numerous people on Microsoft’s official Community forums reporting that their device’s mouse and keyboard are disconnecting after the update.Microsoft has said that it is aware of the issue, and has released the following statement on the forum: “We are currently working on a solution that will be provided in a future Windows Update.Please continue to check for Surface and Windows Updates to ensure that your device has the most current firmware and software available.” The next big Windows update is...Microsoft has today showed just how committed it is to its aim to “enable and empower even more Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers across the globe” with the announcement of its new Xbox Adaptive Controller for Xbox and Windows 10 gaming.