If you have seen her sing in person, then you will receive good karma. According to Simon (see below), Dora Carofiglio was the main Jessica Jay.

Looking at this Novecento video (in which Dora actually appears! It’s a David Morales mix, and I feel certain he probably mixed Casablanca and the other songs.

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“Broken Hearted Woman” took Thailand by storm and became an overnight success.

It was well accepted across the country and among the people regardless of sex, age and educational background.

The song is included in a compilation album called “Broken Hearted Woman” and propelled the album to 3 million mark in sale. It was quite phenomenal in the international music scene, considering it happened 6 years ago when international music was not as a big market in Thailand as today.

The success of the song was also witnessed by more than 30 local artists doing cover version of “Broken Hearted Woman” in Thai.

The saying of “100 messages, 1 rhythm” came after the hype created by “Broken Hearted Woman” among the Thai artists who did the covers.

Although the market was flooded by so many covers of the song, the sales figures of the parent albums did not seem to suffer at all.

(I had that happen with Texas singer Kathy Mc Carty a few years ago ).

Who knows–maybe Jessica Jay is working under our noses disguised as a normal person. I’m really looking forward to finding out the real story.

Ironically, the Chichiquita song may do more to catapult Jessica Jay to fame than her previous dance songs. Occasionally I do casual Internet detective work to locate people, and I savor the challenge.

I heard the song first in 1996 and had no idea how to find the song when I wrote a former student, Ermelinda Gjika and asked her if she knew anything.

I’m not saying the paths of these two singers have crossed, but it would bolster the theory that Jessica Jay is from Philipines/Thailand (and certainly not from Europe). According to a person commenting, Jessica Jay is a “disco concept,” with Italo-disco star Dora Carofiglio providing the female vocals. Update: Simon says this photo is of the wrong person.